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Tractor Lift Rake

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Get the functionality of our flagship push rake but with added lift capacity for handling logs and post-job clean-up. We call it the Tractor Lift Rake; it's as simple as push, lift and load!

Built in Australia for Australian conditions, this unique tractor attachment gives you efficient vegetation control (clearing fence lines, scrub, small trees...etc) and the ability to transport larger objects that cross your path.

The custom-designed 'L' shape tynes of the lift rake provides enhanced functionality over the standard push rake allowing the ability to pull out roots, lift logs, vegetation and large rocks and easier transportation of materials. The spacing in between the tynes allows for a sieve-bucket style action so you can continue to leave dirt / unwanted material behind when you lift.

Designed and constructed here in Australia from high grade materials, Himac Attachments are built tough, built to work and built to last. There’s a reason why people who want to rely on their attachments day in and day without fail out are turning to Himac.

Request a quick quote or call the Himac team for prompt service and the right advice. All quote requests are responded to promptly, whether through the website or via calling 1800 888 114. With fast dispatch and delivery, you can put your new tractor lift rake to work sooner.

Lift Rake Features

Lift Rake Features

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Clear vegetation, fence lines, debris and more
  • Custom 'L' shape allows lifting of logs, post-job clean-up, and other small / medium vegetation
  • High grade steel tynes - 125 x 20 mm
  • 163 mm tyne spacings
  • 900 mm height
  • Widths available:
    2100 mm / 84", 2400 mm / 94"
  • Euro hitch as standard
Optional mounts
  • Euro
  • John Deere 500 CX
  • John Deere 600 / 700 Series Q Latch
  • Challenge Aus
  • Burder
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