Tractor Hook-on Hay Spear

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Tractor Hook-on Hay Spear

NEW FROM HIMAC - Transform your Sliding Tyne Forks into Hay or Combination Forks instantly with our Hook-on Hay Spear. This tractor attachment simply slides on and latch locks to your tractor sliding tyne pallet forks to deliver an easy hay handling solution!

The best part about the Hook-on Hay Spear attachment is the added versatility it gives to our Pallet Forks. With only seconds needed to mount or detach, you can deal with hay or round bales with absolute ease.

Featuring a quality-made German hay spear, this hook-on attachment is also competitively priced to give you excellent value for money. Enquire now with Himac for a free quote on 1800 888 114 or submit a quote online.

Hook-on Hay Spear Features

Hook-on Hay Spear Features

  • 1200 mm Conus 2 Hay Spear
  • High quality German-made build
  • Quick to hook on to a Sliding Tyne Pallet Forks frame
  • Can work in conjunction with general fork tynes to become a Combination Fork
What Do I Need To Use This?

How Can I Get Started?

The Himac Hook-on Hay Spear has been designed to fit directly onto our standard sliding tyne Pallet Fork frames - Tractor Loader and Skid Steer models available. This innovative attachment add-on is a low-priced and fuss-free alternative to purchasing dedicated Hay Forks and Combination Forks.

Interested in a Hook-on Hay Spear?

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