Tractor High Capacity Bucket

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Tractor High Capacity Bucket

The High Capacity Tractor Buckets from Himac Attachments is ideal for moving large amounts in a quick and efficient manner with minimal fuss.

Suitable for grain, fertiliser, mulch and more, this high capacity tractor bucket will prove to be one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal. With high grade steel and and a rock solid construction, Himac Attachments offer a level of quality that surpasses the competition at a price point that may pleasantly surprise you.

It's becoming common knowledge that when you need a tractor attachment that can be put through it's paces, you need Himac. Get a free quote or give our team a call now.



  • Reinforced back
  • Grain, fertiliser, mulch... etc
  • 150 x 20 mm cutting edge ( bolt-on available )
  • Light material bulk loading only
  • Wear plates on base and sides
  • Non-spark edges available
  • Widths available: 66" - 90"
  • Euro hitch as standard
Optional mounts

Optional mounts

  • John Deere 500 CX
  • John Deere 600 / 700 Series Q Latch
  • Challenge Aus
  • Burder
Optional extras

Optional extras

  • Bolt-on cutting edge
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