Tractor Heavy Duty Grapple

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Tractor Heavy Duty Grapple

Himac Heavy Duty Grapples for Tractor Loaders feature a reinforced base and independently operating grapple arms for powerful clamping when on the farm.

With a thick, heavy duty construction frame, the heavy duty grapple is able to handle heavy and solid loads without fear of bending, warping or being dented under the immense grappling pressure that this attachment is capable of.

This tractor attachment has fully greasable pivot points, extending the attachments life cycle considerably with minimal maintenance effort.

With a range of different widths and mounting options available, there’s a heavy duty tractor grapple to suit your exact machine.



  • Dual independent grapples
  • Cylinder covers
  • Greasable pivot points
  • 150 x 20 mm cutting edge
  • Includes hoses and couplings
  • Reinforced base
  • Widths available: 66" - 78"
  • Euro hitch as standard
Optional extras

Optional extras

  • 150 x 16 mm bolt-on cutting edge
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