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Tractor Grapple Forks

Himac 'Vulture' Tractor Grapple Forks (Log Forks) combine the direct lifting capacity of Pallet Forks with the convenience of a Grapple.

Grip on securely to logs and larger loads time and time again with confidence and ease utilising the grapple fork’s hydraulic clamping power for steadying. With built-in, angular teeth for added grip, this tractor attachment allows for a more secure collection and transport of awkward items and loads.

With load capacities ranging from 1,800kg to 2,500kg, there is a grapple fork suitable for your tractor and its intended application.

When you’re thinking of reliable, rock solid tractor attachments that can be put to hard work, day in and day out, with the versatility of easy on-farm loading / unloading; you’re thinking of Himac!

These powerful tractor grapple forks are ideal for handling logs, fell branches, large pipes, poles and more.

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Grapple Forks Features

Grapple Forks Features

  • Easy hook up adjustable latch locked tynes
  • Hydraulic grapple for hard to handle loads
  • Built-in angular teeth for extra grip 
  • Includes hoses and couplings
  • Use as standard forks with grapple open
  • Capacities available:
    1800 kg / 1.8 ton, 2500 kg / 2.5 ton
  • Euro hitch as standard
Optional mounts
  • Euro
  • John Deere 500 CX
  • John Deere 600 / 700 Series Q Latch
  • Challenge Aus
  • Burder
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