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Tractor Brush Root Grapple

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Tractor Brush Root Grapple

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Need power and precision when it comes to scrub clean up and clearing fence lines? Himac Attachments’ Brush Root Grapple is your Tractor Loader attachment of choice with a sturdy and reliable design that’s ready to be put to hard work from day one.

Features dual independent grapples for maximum control over large amounts of loads which are often awkwardly shaped for a single grapple to grip securely.

Grab on to this Tractor attachment today by filling out an online quote form or calling up the friendly and extremely knowledgeable sales team at Himac Attachments!



  • Tynes angled at front edge allow larger volume to be collected, while reaching over debris piles, without disturbing the ground
  • Greasable pivot points
  • Dual independent grapples, cylinder covers
  • Includes hoses and couplings
  • Widths available:
    1675 mm / 66", 1830 mm / 72", 1980 mm / 78", 2135 mm / 84", 2400 mm / 94"
  • Euro hitch as standard
Optional mounts

Optional mounts

  • John Deere 500 CX
  • John Deere 600 / 700 Series Q Latch
  • Challenge Aus
  • Burder
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