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Telehandler Chain Trencher

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For a clean-cut trench without the mess, look no further than the Telehandler Trencher from Himac Attachments. This chain trencher offers a range of different chains and teeth to work through varying ground conditions with ease. Once the trencher configuration is set, you can achieve your ideal digging depth with your telehandler.

By utilising the crumber bar and integrated discharge auger, you can ensure efficient spoil movement with no environmental repercussions.

Himac’s Telehandler Chain Trencher is a reliable and robust tool backed by an impressive 6-year warranty on gearbox components and a 3-year warranty on the hydraulic motor. For telehandler attachments that perform well time and time again, your one and only stop is Himac.

Chain Trencher Features

Telehandler Trencher Features

  • High torque planetary drive
  • Handles earth, rocky ground, asphalt, concrete and frozen ground
  • Integrated crumber / scraper bar
  • Manual side shift frame
  • Keep dirt out of the trench with discharge auger
  • Dig depths: up to 1200 mm
  • Trench widths: 100 - 300 mm
Trencher Chain Options

Trencher Chain Options

  • Combination (Earth / Tungsten) - Suits dry, hard or medium ground conditions
  • Tungsten - Suits hard or frozen ground conditions and asphalt
  • Chain widths available:
    100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm
Chain Trencher Warranties

Chain Trencher Warranties

  • 6 YEAR warranty - Planetary gearbox components of the chain trencher
  • 3 YEAR warranty - Hydraulic motor
Choose Telehandler Mount
  • Bobcat / Clark
  • Cat IT
  • Claas Scorpion
  • Dieci Apollo
  • Dieci Multi Hitch
  • Faresin
  • Genie
  • JCB Q-Fit
  • JCB Compact
  • John Deere / Matbro
  • JLG
  • Manitou
  • Merlo ZM2 / ZM3
  • New Holland
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Best of all, Himac’s lightning fast turnaround time and prompt service will get you and your attachment together and ready to trench in no time. Now that’s earthmoving stuff!

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