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Skid Steer Rock Bucket

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Skid Steer Rock Bucket

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Himac Rock Buckets (Rake Buckets) are your tradies' secret when it comes to sifting sand and dirt from debris on your next project. This type of attachment is designed for skid steer loaders, with alternative models available for tractor loaders, telehandlers and mini loaders. The advanced flat bar design and back blading technology sets the precision-engineered Himac Rock Bucket attachment apart from your average skid steer bucket.

The rock bucket is ideal for scooping up materials and sifting out rocks and debris, making sorting less time consuming and saving a significant amount of space in skip bins or dumping areas.

Himac also have optional grapple kits available to provide added versatility with this attachment. Whether you're cleaning up a construction site, clearing and preparing an area for work, or just after the right equipment for DIY earthmoving projects, this Skid Steer Rock Bucket attachment will help you get your job done right.

Himac’s Rock Buckets are designed and made in Australia specifically for earthmoving in tough Australian conditions. See the difference Himac can make and enquire now.

Rock Bucket Features

Rock Bucket Features

  • Reinforced front cutting edge
  • AR36 High grade flat bar - 70 mm tyne spacings
  • High performance back blading performance
  • Unique flat bar design works better for sifting sand
  • Front lip to help prevent spillage
  • Reduces waste significantly by leaving behind good soil, sand and other material
  • Universal Skid Steer mount as standard
  • Heavy duty models - 10 mm thick tynes:
    1320 mm / 52", 1500 mm / 59", 1575 mm / 62", 1675 mm / 66", 1725 mm / 68", 1830 mm / 72", 1980 mm / 78", 2135 mm / 84"
  • Extreme duty models - 12 mm thick tynes:
    2010 mm / 79", 2200 mm / 86"
  • Additional sizes and models to suit tractor loaders, mini loaders and telehandlers
"Himac Tough" Rock Buckets

"Himac Tough" Rock Bucket

When your job needs something that’s tougher than tough, it has to be "Himac Tough”. If you’re looking for a rock bucket that can take everything you throw at it and more, then you need to think Himac.

Grab on to these Rock Bucket Grapple Kits

Grab on to these Rock Bucket Grapple Kits

When you need to get a grip on the big jobs, look no further than Himac’s Rock Bucket grapple kits. Our grapple kits are perfect for clearing branches, bushes and larger loads. We have both medium and heavy duty grapple kits available fitted or supply only. Himac hydraulic grapples are a solid improvement in earthmoving and vegetation control - find out more here.

Can I get these for other machines?

Can I get these for other machines?

Yes, in fact many of our attachments are available for skid steer loaders, tractor loaders, mini loaders and more! Call the attachment experts at Himac on 1800 888 114 if you’d like to find out more about the suitability and durability of our rock bucket.

Service that doesn’t need sifting!

Service that doesn’t need sifting!

Himac prides itself on straightforward, simple and efficient service. This means more than providing you with the best quality rock bucket on the market for your skid steer. Powered by service, we give you a convenient and easy ordering experience backed by generous after-sales support.

We understand how important it is to get your job done which is why we provide the fastest turnaround in Australia for standard skid steer attachments. Our priority is to ensure that you receive your new rock bucket when you need it most – no stress, no worries!

Enquire today to find out why Himac are Australia’s leaders in earthmoving attachments.

Interested in a Rock Bucket?

Simply select the Quote button to find the perfect attachment at a competitive price. Alternatively, speak to one of our experts on 1800 888 114 for all your rock bucket and earthmoving needs!

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