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Skid Steer GP Bucket Heavy Duty

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Skid Steer GP Bucket Heavy Duty

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Himac’s heavy duty general purpose buckets are built with durability in mind so that you can be sure it will work efficiently with every use and stand the test of time regardless of what you put this attachment through.

If you own a tracked machine with high horsepower and undertaking more demanding tasks then have a look at the extreme duty general purpose bucket.

With optional extras available such as a spill guard, bolt-on cutting edge, this heavy duty skid steer bucket gives you reliability and performance accuracy.

Enquire now and experience owning a Himac skid steer attachment at a price that’s very competitive with the rest of the industry.



  • 5 mm high grade plate shell
  • 150 x 20 mm cutting edge
  • Longer base for excellent visibility
  • 12 mm wear plates on base, 10 mm on sides
  • Universal Skid Steer mount as standard
  • Widths available:
    1245 mm / 49", 1320 mm / 52", 1450 mm / 57", 1525 mm / 60", 1575 mm / 62", 1620 mm / 64", 1675 mm / 66", 1727 mm / 68", 1830 mm / 72", 1880 mm / 74", 2030 mm / 80"
Optional Extras

Optional extras

  • Spill guard
  • Bolt-on cutting edge
  • Adaptors and Keech / Esco style teeth (fitted)
  • Toyota hitch (fitted)
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