Skid Steer Demolition Grapple

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Skid Steer Demolition Grapple

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Himac Demolition Grapple Buckets feature reinforced, independently operating grapple arms for powerful clamping on uneven loads that handle knocking things down and scooping up heavy debris.

The dual grapples provide the operator maximum control when dealing with awkward loads. The strong base with underside skid plates ensures loose waste won't escape - meaning less tools needed for clean up!

When you’ve got a brutal, post-demolition site clean-up to deal with, and you don’t even know where to begin... start with Himac’s Skid Steer Demolition Grapple for hard work made easy.

A range of widths and bolt-on cutting edge available.



  • Dual independent grapples
  • Cylinder covers
  • Greasable pivot points
  • 150 x 20 mm cutting edge
  • Includes hoses and couplings
  • Underside skid plates
  • Widths available:
    1675 mm / 66", 1830 mm / 72", 1980 mm / 78"
  • Universal Skid Steer mount as standard - others available
Optional extras

Optional extras

  • 150 x 16 mm bolt-on cutting edge
Optional mounts
  • Universal mount
  • Toyota Hitch SDK8, 9, 10, 11
  • ASV / Positrack PT30, RC30
  • Bobcat S70, 463, Gehl 1640E
  • Mustang
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