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Skid Steer Rotary Angle Broom

Skid Steer Rotary Angle Broom

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Introducing the improved Rotary Angle Broom attachment from Himac. Suitable for Skid Steers and Track Loaders, this new model boasts an even stronger build and several enhanced features for better ease-of-use.

The Broom Sweeper attachment comes with a single front wheel and dual rear support wheels as standard. This addition provides the ideal weight support to position the PPN brush at the exact height you need for optimal sweeping performance. Himac have also implemented a faster manual angle adjust ( +/-30° ) on the skid steer angle broom to set your sweeping angle and get to work pronto!

With an integrated direct drive hydraulic motor, this efficient rotary angle broom attachment will effectively clean building sites, roadsides / streets / curbs, large courtyard areas and more.

The 550mm diameter polypropylene brush comes as a single piece for longer life and better sweeping performance. Himac also offer an optional 100 litre tank sprinkler kit, including an electrical pump, hoses and nebulisers, to wash away dirt and grime in a jiffy!

Turn your skid steer into the ultimate broom sweeper powerhouse – call Himac today or request a quick quote online for pricing. Clear the way with Himac today!

Rotary Angle Broom Features

Rotary Angle Broom Sweeper Features

  • Integrated direct drive hydraulic motor
  • Hydraulic hoses with quick couplers
  • Single piece PPN (Polypropylene) brush for longer life
  • One front support wheel and two rear support wheels
  • Optional hydraulic angle kit ( + / - 30° )
  • Optional 100 litre tank and sprinkler kit
  • Universal Skid Steer mount fitted as standard
  • Widths available:
    2100 mm / 82", 2400 mm / 94"
Optional mounts
  • Universal mount
  • Toyota Hitch SDK8, 9, 10, 11
  • ASV / Positrack PT30, RC30
  • Bobcat S70, 463, Gehl 1640E
  • Mustang
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