Self-Loading Mini Loader  Mixer Bucket

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Self-Loading Mini Loader  Mixer Bucket

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Make light work of a hard job with the Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Bucket for Mini Loaders. With a range of mixer bucket capacities and machine suitabilities, we are now able to offer this smaller model for compact loaders.

Avoid a poor quality concrete mix and messy clean ups with this innovative cement mixer attachment that will load, mix and deliver concrete with ease. You can add cement powder in seconds using the in-built bag breaker, while the powerful spiral paddles effectively mix away. The side unloading chute allows you get in position, flip it open and begin your concrete pour.

Save time, prevent mess and stop re-work with a Mini Loader Mixer Bucket from Himac Attachments. Call us on 1800 888 114 or get a Quick Quote on this page to start.

Mixer Bucket Features

Mini Loader Mixer Bucket Features

  • Self-loading scoop 'n' mix design
  • Side chute (manual opening)
  • Bag breaker integrated on the heavy duty safety grill
  • Includes hoses and couplings
  • Robust spiral design paddles
  • Models available:
  • Leading Italian quality
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With the perfect ratio of a committed customers service team mixed in with industry leading attachments, when choosing Himac you get a solid investment that won’t show cracks down the track.

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