Excavator Tilt Bucket

Excavator Tilt Bucket

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Make your earthmoving work truly versatile with a Himac Tilt Bucket for Excavators. Manoeuvre this excavator attachment to the precise angle you need with hydraulic 45-degree tilt in both directions.

Perfect for grading and levelling work, allowing you to be more efficient when tackling the job and saving you from having to constantly reposition your excavator.

Having the tilt function on a bucket also reduces the risk of toppling as operators no longer need to position the machine precariously.

With an industry leading design that ensures functional movement of the tilt bucket, even when covered in dirt and mud. And with high grade construction, wear strips and powerful hydraulics, this excavator attachment is designed to be put through hell and back.

With five different size options and a true 45-degree tilting ability – the introduction of Himac Attachments’ iteration of the excavator tilt bucket is worth getting excited for.

Best of all, this class-leading attachment comes in at a very competitive price. Get a quick quote today, or call us on 1800 888 114.

All quotes are responded to promptly and delivery times are unbelievably fast thanks to having stock kept in warehouses across the country.



  • Hydraulic 45 degree tilt - both directions
  • Twin cylinder hydraulics
  • 6 mm high grade Bisalloy 400 plate shell
  • Hardened bushes ( greasable )
  • 12 mm to 15 mm rear and side plate wear strips - 400 high grade 
  • 950 mm model - Weld-on Cutting Edge:
    For 1 - 2 T
  • 1100 mm model - Bolt-on Cutting Edge ( fitted ):
    For 2 - 3 T
  • 1200 mm model - Bolt-on Cutting Edge ( fitted ):
    For 3 - 4.5 T
  • 1400 mm model - Bolt-on Cutting Edge ( fitted ):
    For 4.5 - 6.8 T
  • 1600 mm model - Bolt-on Cutting Edge ( fitted ):
    For 6.8 - 9 T
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