Excavator Mud / Batter Bucket

Excavator Mud / Batter Bucket

Move more with a Himac Excavator Mud Bucket - available in models to suit 1 tonne to 6.9 tonne machines.

Engineered to deal with the stress caused by big, thick and heavy loads day in, day out - this excavator mud bucket is designed to last the test of time, proving an invaluable tool in your earthmoving arsenal.

With a high-grade 6 mm plate shell, you can be sure that there are no weak links with this mud bucket.

This excavator attachment features a fitted, bolt-on edge that can be easily and economically replaced. Because, even with the industry-leading construction quality that you get on all components with Himac Attachments, all cutting edges eventually wear down.

Also known as a batter bucket, loading bucket, sand bucket or trimming bucket - this high-capacity excavator attachment improves work efficiency to get the job done fast.

Clean ditches, backfill trenches, perform grading, battering and final trim work - it's all possible with this handy excavator attachment from Himac Attachments.

For hard work made easy, talk to our team on 1800 888 114 or grab a quick quote today. Quotes are always responded to promptly. When you’re counting on getting your excavator implements quick, you can count on Himac.

Whether you’re along the coast or smack bang in the middle of our great big land - you’ll get your hands on a new mud bucket quick thanks to having stock kept locally in most capital cities around Australia.



  • Includes fitted bolt-on cutting edge
  • 6 mm high grade 400 plate shell
  • 400 grade wear strips on rear and side: 12 mm to 15 mm
  • 950 mm models:
    For 1 - 1.9 T / 2 - 2.9 T
  • 1200 mm models:
    For 2 - 2.9 T / 3 - 4.9 T
  • 1500 mm models:
    For 3 - 4.9 T / 5 - 6.9 T
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