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Excavator Tungsten & Rock Augers

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Excavator Tungsten & Rock Augers

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Himac Tungsten & Rock Augers are the perfect companion to our Auger Drives. Manufactured to the highest possible standards using top quality materials, the combination enables you to drill confidently with maximum efficiency and results, every time.

The auger design provides a range of features for a cleaner drill and prevents loss of teeth when reversing out of the hole using its ‘Shock Lock’ system (Tungsten only).

With two teeth variants, which are both available in a range of sizes, that are suitable for various applications; Himac’s tungsten and rock augers truly have you covered.

When you’re thinking of machinery attachments that can go the distance time and time again with minimal wear and tear, you’re thinking Himac. Request an obligation free quote today.



  • Overall Auger length 1200 mm
  • S4 Augers: 2” Hex and 65 mm round hubs
  • S5 Augers: 75 mm square hubs
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Flight thickness 6 mm
  • Fitted with extra dig pilots
  • Sizes available: 4" - 36"
  • Designed for our robust Auger Drives
Wear Parts

Wear Parts

  • Tungsten chisel tooth
  • Tungsten tooth
  • Tungsten pilot
  • Tungsten extra dig pilot
  • Rock tooth
  • Rock pilot
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