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Tractor Compact Pallet Forks

Tractor Compact Pallet Forks

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Himac Compact Tractor Pallet Forks are a handy on-farm attachment for easy loading and unloading. Made from only high quality materials and a rock solid design, they feature a 900-kg lifting capacity and load guard and high visibility for precision and ease. These pallet forks will save both your back and your time without fail!

A standard sliding tyne as well as floating tyne model is available to best suit your work and site/storage accessibility.

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  • Sliding tyne:
    Latch locked adjustable tynes, fixed at top and bottom to prevent bouncing
  • Floating tyne:
    Floating hinging tynes, able to be flipped up into tight spaces / for storage
  • 900 kg lifting capacity
  • Heavy duty load guard
  • High visibility
Mounting options

Mounting options

  • Kubota ‘BX’ Series ( 3 pin type )
  • Kubota ‘B’ Series ( 4 pin type )
  • John Deere 200, 300 and 400 CX
  • Compact Challenge
  • Compact Burder
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