Bolt-on Fork Rotator

Bolt-on Fork Rotator

Turn your Forks a full 360 degrees, with the hydraulic Bolt-on Fork Rotator - part of Himac's expanding Forks+ range for truly versatile Pallet Forks.

Whether you're inverting a load quickly, emptying skip bins, using pallet forks in tight spaces and around shelving, or just require a precise angle for off-loading... the Fork Rotator can do it all. 

Being part of our Forks+ range, you have the ability to upgrade your standard skid steer forks with complete hydraulic rotation in a matter of minutes. The easy of installation means you spend less time away from the job and more time getting it done.

Due to the Fork Rotator design, you can easily remove this handy accessory to continue working with standard pallet forks at any point.

For further info, talk to the Himac Attachments team on 1800 888 114 or request a quick quote on this page for a prompt pricing. 



  • Designed to suit Sliding Tyne Pallet Forks frames
  • Secure, bolt-on installation in minutes
  • Featuring 360-degree rotation, with 180-degree model also available
  • Min 25 LPM hydraulic flow required
  • Includes hoses and couplings
  • One of several unique pallet fork additions in our Forks+ range
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