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Tractor 3PL Chipper

Tractor 3PL Chipper

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Himac have now introduced the powerful self-feeding 3 Point Linkage Chipper - available in four different capacities to suit your gardening and landscaping requirements.

These high quality PTO-driven chippers include shearbolt protection and direct drive (belt drive for 3" capacity model) for optimal performance and safety. Every model features hardened tool steel knives that will process tree limbs and branches like a hot knife through butter!

As these chippers are powered directly from your 3 Point Linkage Tractor's PTO, you can expect seriously impressive self-feeding action with every use. No matter where you set this 3PL attachment to work, the discharge hood can be rotated to direct the flow of processed vegetation in the right area.

After the job is done, simply fold up the 3PL chipper's hopper ready to transport. Call Himac for further information or get a quick quote online.


3PL Wood Chipper Features

  • Cat 1 and 2 Linkage
  • PTO driven
  • Drive system - Belt drive (3") / Direct Drive (5, 7, 10")
  • Shearbolt protection for increased safety
  • Self-feeding hopper
  • Hardened steel knives to withstand years of use
  • Oversized chipping rotor
  • Rotational discharge hood
  • Adjustable ski base
  • Bearing plate protection
  • Quick fold-up hopper with no tools required


  • WC3S3PL
    76 mm / 3" diameter, suits 12 - 30 HP
  • WC5S3PL
    127 mm / 5" diameter, suits 18 - 50 HP
  • WC7S3PL
    178 mm / 7" diameter, suits 35 - 100 HP
  • WC10S3PL
    254 mm / 10" diameter, suits 65 - 150 HP


  • 5 year warranty
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