Himaxis Interactive 3D

View attachments from all angles with the Himaxis Interactive 3D Viewer

To enhance your web browsing experience, Himac have implemented a handy 3D model feature we call HIMAXIS. Exclusive to Himac, this allows you to rotate the attachment, zoom in on details and pan around with ease.

This interactive feature is also fully compatible with touchscreen devices like mobiles and tablets - that way you can use HIMAXIS wherever you are!

See below for the current line-up of HIMAXIS enabled attachments...

Skid Steer Industrial Grapple
Impressive 45mm high tensile round bars and dual hydraulic grapple arms- designed for demolition clean-up.
Skid Steer Brush Grapple
View these dual heavy duty grapples and angled tynes up close and in detail - clear away fell branches and other vegetation.
Skid Steer Round Bar Rock Bucket
Get a detailed view of this Extreme Duty Rock Bucket design featuring high-tensile 4140 round bars.
Skid Steer Rock Grapple Bucket
Ideal for hard-to-handle loads such as demolition clean up, logs, rocks, shrubs, bushes and waste management.
Skid Steer Push Rake
Check out the robust design and tyne spacings of our Push Rake in detail - vegetation control made easy.
Skid Steer Flat Bar Rock Bucket
Take a closer look at the popular flat bar design of our Skid Steer Rock Bucket - perfect for sifting.
Skid Steer Pallet Forks
Get a closer view of one of the most popular attachments in the industry - features latch-locked sliding tynes.
Skid Steer Hay Forks
Have a look at this handy on-farm attachment with double Conus II spears and heavy duty frame.
Hook-On Hay Spear
Convert your Pallet Forks into instant Hay Forks or Combination Forks - both innovative and affordable.
Skid Steer Stump Bucket
Discover this incredible multi-use attachment from any angle you like - remove stumps, dig trenches and more.
Skid Steer GP Bucket
Need a high quality GP Bucket that will go the distance? Look no further than Himac Attachments.
Skid Steer High Capacity Bucket
Ideal for moving large amounts in a quick, efficient manner - suitable for grain, fertiliser and more!
Skid Steer Ripper
Get a detailed view of the Ripper / Scarifier from any angle you like - an incredible tool for earth prep and fire breaks.
Skid Steer Lifting Jib & Grab
Take the weight off with our certified heavy duty Lifting Boom and optional Limestone Block Grab!
Skid Steer Level Spreader Bar
Want to get it level? Take a look at our Himac Level Spreader Bar attachment complete with flat bar wear strips.
Skid Steer Under Conveyor Scraper
Perfect for mine sites, the Himac Under Conveyor Scraper allows effective cleaning in hard to access areas.