5 Compelling Reasons Why Farmers Should Use Telehandlers

5 Compelling Reasons Why Farmers Should Use Telehandlers

For many years, the good old tractor has been the ultimate solution to most manual tasks on a farm. Its durable craftsmanship and high performance make it adapted to these tasks. 

But, given the dynamic farming culture, farmers need to upgrade to the latest machinery technology to improve productivity. With this in mind, it is easy to see why telehandlers are replacing tractors as an improved solution to farming operations. Compared to tractors, telehandlers feature additional capabilities that make them more adapted to farming, thus lowering operating costs.

To help you understand better why you need to invest in a telehandler, here are some of its benefits...

1 • Versatility

Versatility is one of the greatest strengths of a telehandler. It features telescopic booms with a variation of attachments to suit various tasks. So, whether you are moving loads of tight feed through spaces, unloading pallets, or even stacking bales of hay, you can rely on a telehandler to get the job done. 

While using the attachments, it's easy to switch from one to the other without breaking a sweat. Thanks to the hydraulic quick-attach function, you can easily connect your next attachment by a simple touch of a button. Alternatively, you can also pull out a pin to switch an enclosure that fits the task at hand. 

2 • Cost Saving

Owing to its diversified portfolio of attachments, a telehandler eliminates the need for buying or renting other types of farm machinery. 

In addition, the machine comes with a solid-built chassis and robust power-train to handle the toughest tasks. This means that a telehandler saves you costly repairs, making it a valuable addition to your farm. However, it is vital to ensure that you fit compatible attachments and schedule regular maintenance to avoid costly mechanical breakdowns. 

3 • Increased Productivity

The accurate measure of valuable farm machinery is determined by the degree of its efficiency in productivity. True to this notion, telehandlers score well in increasing production efficiency, as evident from its high-load capacity. These machines can lift heavy loads to greater heights compared to similar-sized cranes and forklifts. 

The telescopic booms enhance flexibility to transport loads for long distances that would be otherwise impossible to reach using a single vehicle. More so, adding the high load capacity to the machine's ability to handle various tasks, you end up doing more while spending less time.

4 • On and Off-Road Capabilities

Similar to most agricultural tractors, telehandlers feature four-wheel drive functionality for smooth navigation of rough terrain. But what sets them apart from the traditional tractors is their big, agricultural-grade tires with excellent traction. With these features, telehandlers are well-adapted to working in tightly confined spaces with an uneven surface, typically found when feeding livestock or loading and unloading products. 

5 • Improved Safety

The high lifting power of telehandlers makes it easy to perform complicated manual lifting. This reduces the pressure on your workers, which in turn improves their safety. To further enhance security, many telehandler models have stabilizers that allow safe use of the machine even on sloping grounds. You are also provided with an operator manual to ensure safe use. 

Despite its high loading capacity, it is advisable to avoid exceeding the machine's maximum load capacity. This not only improves the user's safety but also reduces overall wear and tear that stems from overloading. 

The Choice Is Yours

It is no doubt that a telehandler is worth adding to your fleet of farm machinery. It saves you time and money while improving productivity for maximum agricultural output. Its capability to perform various tasks has proven to be extremely resourceful in the modern-day farming industry.

Choose from a wide range of models from world-class brands such as Bobcat, CAT IT, Claas Scorpion, Faresin, JCB, Manitou, Merlo, New Holland and much more.

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