7 Skid Steer Advantages

7 Skid Steer Advantages

Skid steer loaders have been known as the most versatile piece of construction and agricultural machinery you can own.

The name "Skid Steer" comes from the way that these machines turn. Because they do not have a front set of independent wheels that can guide the powered wheels at the back, one side of the machine's tracks will turn faster than the other side causing the machine to skid in order to perform the turn. 

Whilst initially this seems counter-intuitive, it actually allows for a much tighter turning circle which is essential in tight access areas such as warehouses. Compact, strong, agile, great visibility and and a wide range of attachments puts the Skid Steer at the top of the list over excavators, tractors or traditional forklifts.

Want to know more?

We have created an infographic dedicated to our appreciation of the trusty Skid Steer which we hope is also educational for those who are trying to learn more in agriculture and earthmoving machinery.

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7 Advantages Of Skid Steers - Himac Attachments Infographic

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