Taking Good Care Of Your Equipment: 5 Tips and Tricks for Machinery Maintenance in a Time Crunch

Taking Good Care Of Your Equipment: 5 Tips and Tricks for Machinery Maintenance in a Time Crunch

You already know that earthmoving and heavy-lifting machinery are the backbones of the agriculture and construction industries. That is why they need to be properly maintained for effective operation. These are expensive pieces of machinery that help you perform demanding labour.

Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures optimal performance and the safety of operators. Increasing the life expectancy of these machines saves you from regular costly replacements. You get to operate on a large scale and meet your deadlines. Read on to find out tips and tricks for maintaining your machinery in a time crunch.

1 • Routine Machinery Maintenance

You need to routinely check your machinery to find out the equipment's overall functionality. Regular maintenance checks allow you to identify and resolve damages before they get too serious.

Heavy machinery allows you to maintain continuity in your business. That is why you need to ensure they can deliver standard performance. Scheduling machine maintenance eliminates human error that comes with crunch time repairs.

2 • Acquire the Right Repair Tools

Earth-moving machinery is quite expensive equipment. That's why you need to take caution not to damage them. Acquiring the right repair tools allow you to rectify any damages so that your machinery is in a position to perform the tasks it was intended for.

Ensure all machinery accessories are attached correctly because improper machinery configuration causes strain, which causes wear and tear. Keep in mind that these are quite sensitive equipment, and they need to be handled by trained technicians.

3 • Don't Overwork Machinery

Even though heavy-lifting machinery is built for demanding tasks, it's important that you don't overwork them. Take note of each equipment's performance specifications provided by the manufacturer. Always use the operator's manual to ascertain that you are using your machinery as intended. Since heavy-lifting machinery is a staple for your operations, you want to make sure they stay effective and efficient. For optimal machinery performance, ensure you abide by all weight limits as well. 

When you purchase modern earthmoving machinery, they come pre-programmed with several power controls. Ensure that each equipment is set to the correct power mode based on the task you want to accomplish. Paying keen attention to such details adds longevity to your equipment. Lastly, remember to reduce machinery idle and travel time as these contribute to wear and tear on any equipment.

4 • Proper Storage

Exposing your equipment to harsh conditions after work can accelerate their wear and tear. Aside from actively maintaining your equipment, you also need to remember to store them properly. This is a passive yet essential part of maintaining machinery.

Ensure you establish a moisture-free storage facility for your machinery to ensure they don't end up catching rust. Corrosion can quickly eat away parts of your equipment and render it useless. Don't forget the harsh effects of exposing your equipment to UV rays. Lastly, make a point of repainting machinery with environmentally-friendly products to protect the body from exposure.

5 • Train Your Employees

At the end of the day, your employees are the ones who's spent most of the time with your equipment. Training your technicians ensures they know how to operate each machinery correctly. Besides, your equipment is only as useful as the people using it.

Ensure all the employees know the importance of upholding the highest operational standards. This also minimises risk since the agriculture and construction industries are among the risk-sensitive sectors. Everyone who's in contact with your equipment should be knowledgeable and experienced. Ensure you schedule regular training sessions to refresh your employees' minds, so they are always familiar with equipment's proper use.

Final Thought

The agriculture and construction sectors greatly depending on heavy-lifting equipment for large scale operations. Proper machinery maintenance ensures they stay effective and efficient. Contact us today in case of any inquiries. Our trained customer support team is friendly and responsive.